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Episode 149: Relaxed Trading and a Side Effect of Not Losing Money

For Episode 149, your host Rob Booker talks about how terrible his trading was during the first week after his Trade-for-a-Living Tour. Rob also talks with special guest Matt LaCoco, a currency trader from Colorado Springs who Rob says is his idol because Matt is the most relaxed trader that he has ever met. So, Rob asks his relaxed trader friend for some advice on how to chill out and why being a zen trader is so important to his trading.

Matt describes how getting emotionally distraught can be expensive. Matt also talks about the concept of being happy with what’s offered, versus trying to shake down the market. Rob talks about the odd tendency to seek after drama or conflict, and Rob asks Matt to identify the kinds of things that affect his trading zen.

Matt talks about an exercise that he does, which he calls “a practice in patience,” that he says is vital to avoiding the loss of money. And Matt says he doesn’t “play to win”; instead, he “plays not to lose.” He says that making just enough money to get by is nothing more than a side effect of not losing money. Matt also talks about the practice of letting the first trade of the day go by (without taking it). All of this — and much more — during this episode of The Traders Podcast. Join us!

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