you don’t always get what you pay for

Ep 584: You Don’t Always Get What You Pay for

In the world of trading, there are plenty of so-called “gurus” who are willing to share their secrets of trading with you in exchange for a small fortune… On The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker feels that what you need for trading shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars. Rob says for him it’s never been about what he’s had, rather, it was the way he managed what he had.

If you have a fancy, expensive indicator, that doesn’t really matter. What matters most is how you manage your trades. In Episode 584, Rob and the producer Jason discuss the perils of expensive trading indicators and robots. Join us for this episode to hear more!

Also, in case you haven’t heard: Rob has been exploring the magical and mysterious world of cryptocurrencies. You can see what he’s doing and which cryptocurrencies he’s liking for 2018 if you visit for his guide.

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