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Episode 92: How the U.S. Presidential Election Might Affect the Financial Markets Around the World

The episode that everyone has been waiting for…

Your host, Rob Booker, sets aside his political leanings toward any presidential candidate or party and talks candidly with his producer, Jason Pyles, about how the U.S. election might affect the financial markets — not just in the United States — but around the world.

So, Rob discusses matters in Episode 92 that will also be of interest to those who live in Australia, Japan and especially Europe.

Rob also addresses the concern that the United States cannot sustain its current levels of debt, and he speaks in-depth about an imminent and inevitable “Grand Bargain” or Great Day of Reckoning for the debt of the world. Rob also gives estimates for when that day will come. You won’t want this miss this one. Listen, and leave us your comments!

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