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Episode 75: Ask Another Question About Your Trading

Rob Booker and special guest Jennifer Thornburg answer some “world-famous questions” — that are not necessarily the right questions — to ask on your pursuit to become a successful trader. This episode is designed to help you ask the right questions.

Here are some examples of the less important questions that Rob and Jennifer commonly hear, and discuss during this episode: Does it matter to know how often a trading system wins? How often am I going to win? How long until I have another win? How many trades does a particular system produce? Or, in other words, the two F’s: the frequency with which we win, and the frequency with which we trade… Does the system produce the results, or does the trader produce the results? Etc.

Jennifer also talks about the importance of knowing yourself as a trader and suggests that maintaining a detailed trading notebook can be an insightful tool when reflecting back on your previous trading activities and motivations. All of this valuable information and more can be heard in Episode 75, so please listen and subscribe!

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Jennifer’s Web site:

Jennifer on Twitter: @JenTho3

Book: The Money Game by Adam Smith

Episode 74: Exploring Divergence and The Wallaby Trade

We’ve got a technical, sort of, how-to episode for you today. Rob Booker explores the concept of divergence with Bradley Fried, the CEO of Rob Booker Japan. Rob and Brad discuss Wallaby Trading and how it works. They discuss risk-to-reward ratios of 8:1 and 10:1, and they talk about how this is a possibility for anyone!

Brad and Rob discuss other oscillators or indicators that a trader can use to track divergence, such as The Wallaby Oscillator, Relative Strength Index (RSI), CCI, Stochastic Oscillator, MACD, et al. They briefly discuss settings for oscillators and Rob even asks Brad to share his win-percentage from his last month of trading. Very fun, right? So, tune in, and be sure to check out the valuable links and charts below! Thanks for listening.

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Book: The Wallaby Trade

Book: Adventures of a Currency Trader

Rob’s eBook: Trading Naked

The Million Dollar Wallabot

The Edge Trading Video Series

And here are two examples of Wallaby Trades in action, courtesy of Bradley Fried: