Episode 239: An Update on The Trader House

Welcome to Episode 239 of The Traders Podcast with your host, Rob Booker. This particular show is a wacky hodgepodge, of sorts. Jason the producer begins with a story of a little conflict he had at a screening of the new movie “Divergent.” Next we listen to a voice mail from Ryan. We randomly talk about various incarnations of The Tonight Show, then we read comments from FX Outlier, Liftoff, Scott and Warren. But stick around until after Rob closes the show, because we had an after-show conversation about Rob’s Trader House. Let us know your thoughts. Thanks for listening.

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Episode 236: Dipping Back Into the Mailbag

For Episode 236 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker and Jason the producer dip into the mailbag and address some listener feedback. You’ll hear comments from Suko about the proper pronunciation (and meaning) of the word “Doji.” You’ll hear another comment from Warrior who explains why the price of natural gas rises and falls counterintuitively during the hot and cold seasons. We also read a comment from German, who asks about bad habits and scalping, as well as another comment from Warren concerning Rob’s friend Steve Nison. And Philipe wrote in about overcoming his tendency to overtrade. We always appreciate listener feedback, so feel free to leave your comments in the show notes at the bottom of this episode. Thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast!

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