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Episode 315: A Chat With Eddie Z of EZ Trading Computers

During Episode 315 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker answers an e-mail from Evan from London about his trading journey thus far. Then later in this episode, Rob chats with the great Eddie Z from EZ Trading Computers, where you can get sound advice about buying a trading computer from Eddie’s free buyer’s guide: How to Buy a Trading Computer. And as mentioned in this episode, EZ Trading Computers has a special holiday promotion sale going on now!

Rob asks Eddie to describe the craziest computer he’s ever built. And then Rob asks what are the basic requirements for a good computer setup that a new trader would need. Then Rob talks to Eddie about his Wall Street career during the Tech Boom, and Eddie shares some interesting tidbits. It’s a good one! Don’t miss Episode 315!

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Episode 85: Common Mistakes That Retail Traders Make

As promised since Episode 81, Rob Booker brings you a second interview with Hedge Fund Girl, a 20-year Wall Street veteran who has rich experience in the industry, from managing money for an institutional fund to working on a prop desk.

In addition to describing more of what it’s like to trade and invest on Wall Street, Hedge Fund Girl returns to The Traders Podcast to talk about Common Mistakes That Retail Traders Make, which spills over into a list of common mistakes that institutional traders make.

Hedge Fund Girl gives some things to consider when looking at hot IPO’s — and a little trick to knowing how to be a harbinger of doom — or a warning voice — ahead of the curve by anticipating what’s doomed to fail before it starts to fall significantly.

Rob asks Hedge Fund Girl just how aggressive, and “dog-eat-dog” the Wall Street environment actually is — and many other interesting questions during this must-listen episode of The Traders Podcast. Join us!

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Episode 81: Insights From a 20-Year Wall Street Veteran

In Episode 81, Rob interviews a hedge-fund trader who is a Wall Street veteran of 20 years. She goes by the moniker “Hedge Fund Girl.” She is a valuable guest, because her perspective is one that most retail traders would never get to hear otherwise.

Rob asks Hedge Fund Girl whether trading is an art or a science. He also asks her if trading ever becomes more intuitive over time, the longer one spends in the business. Rob and Hedge Fund Girl talk about the difference between trading on a prop desk inside a bank versus investing as a manager of a fund at a bank. This leads to a conversation about the inner-workings of a proprietary trading desk on Wall Street.

Rob asks what traders and investors on Wall Street are most afraid of now, and he asks Hedge Fund Girl what she loves most about working on Wall Street. You don’t want to miss this episode, because it is actually Part 1 of 2…

That’s right — we tease a future, follow-up episode where Hedge Fund Girl will enumerate all the “Things That Retail Investors Should and Shouldn’t Do.”

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Episode 77: The Magnitude of the Trading Forces Against You

In this show Rob Booker talks with Scott Welsh, a professional trader and tennis pro who coaches peak-performance athletes. You’ll hear Rob and Scott address the question, “Who are the so-called ‘Big Boys’ on Wall Street, and how can the common trader compete with them?” Rob explains why there isn’t really a winner for every loser, and he discusses why a zero-sum game in trading is a ridiculous notion. Scott warns against letting anything external psych you out of your trading.

Rob and Scott also discuss questions relating to the magnitude of a trader’s wins, such as how does one know when one has a big enough win? Rob talks about those poor souls who don’t close-out their winning trades, and Scott describes his process for determining his winners.

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Episode 67: A Traders Podcast Retrospective

This very special episode is a Traders Podcast Retrospective, which means we’ll be revisiting some of the highlights (according to producer Jason Pyles) from among the first 66 episodes of the show. The objective of this episode is to lure newer listeners back into our archives to catch up on all 22+ hours of The Traders Podcast.

Faithful listeners will recognize excerpts from previous shows where Rob and his guests discussed The Unique Ability, the film “Wall Street” and the idea that greed is good, peak-performance training and trading, and why we trade for a living.

Jason will guide your tour on this walk down memory lane, and he’ll even share a Rob Booker story from Wheeling, West Virginia — back when we ran our previous podcast, Trader Radio.

Episode 44: Money Never Sleeps

In this fourth part of four episodes on movies about trading, Rob Booker and Jason Pyles focus their discussion around the trading movie of all trading movies, Oliver Stone’s 1987 classic, “Wall Street.”

With this backdrop, Rob and Jason talk about the temptations and pitfalls of insider trading, the meaning behind “greed is good,” how you know if you’ve got what it takes to be a trader, what sacrifices being the best at trading for a living will require, the price of making a million dollars and why it’s not difficult to make money (if you’re willing).

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