Episode 273: How to Make Money From World Conflicts

Buckle up! Episode 273 starts off a little wildly and politically charged as your host Rob Booker asks Jason the producer if he would assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1942, if he had the chance. This is a preface for discussing the unrest that’s taking place with the Ukraine and Gaza. And this topic is actually a preface for discussing the world markets and how news can affect (or not affect) trading — and more importantly — how you can make money from the conflicts. Thanks for listening.

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Episode 233: Conflict in the Ukraine and the Pack Mentality of Human Beings

Welcome to Episode 233 of The Traders Podcast. This episode is about Conflict in the Ukraine and the Pack Mentality of Human Beings. As this recording begins, your host Rob Booker and Jason the producer briefly chat about Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey and the idea that we create our own lives and circumstances for ourselves. Next Rob extends some Traders Podcast well-wishes for the people of Ukraine and other parts of the world that are experiencing strife. Rob gives some explanation about the conflict that’s been occurring in the Ukraine and its Crimean region, and then he talks about what this could mean for your trading. Rob also puts on his prophet-of-doom hat and describes what will happen to the world markets if Russia invades the eastern part of the Ukraine. So, Rob gives some advice on how to prepare for such a case. Finally, we conclude with a quick question from Alan about the Las Vegas Traders Expo.

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