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Ep 600: Establishing Your Trading Setup and Processes

Without any fanfare or pomp and circumstance, we bring you Episode 600 of The Traders Podcast, featuring your hosts Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles. During this show, Rob and Jason talk about a typical currency trader’s happy tendency to discover his or her preferred setup.

Over time, usually within two to three years, most traders settle into a particular methodology, complete with corresponding preferences and comfort zones. Naturally, one can’t always have the precise setup that one would like, but one can still strive to maintain that consistent traders’ “happy place.” And of course, each trader’s station and methods will be unique to that individual.

If you haven’t established your trading setup and processes that make you comfortable and happy as a trader, then you’re missing out on an enjoyable part of an important process that no one ever talks about. Build a trading space that’s inspiring to you, and you will be inspired while trading! We’d love to see your setup. Send us a picture to 304.281.8332.

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Episode 19: Multiple Monitors, Raghee Horner and the Value of the Dollar

And the crowd goes wild — Raghee Horner is back! She wonders if we can create the magic of our first show together and, well, we do. What’s the use of 10 monitors? What’s the use of even two monitors? How many monitors does Raghee have for her trading setup? And how does she factor in the price of oil, the value of the dollar and other markets to create trading opportunities? Could you do that, too? She’ll tell you how she does it, what television shows she watches — and more in this wonderful next episode of the very best podcast for traders on Earth.

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