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Ep 578: John Henry Trades in His Steel-Driving Hammer for a Robot

Though it may seem unusual, Episode 578 of The Traders Podcast isn’t as bizarre as you might think. Sure, Jason the producer plays a sample from his rap alter ego, “J-Flexx,” and your host Rob Booker briefly talks with J-Flexx about “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (don’t worry — no spoilers!). But really, that’s pretty typical stuff for The Traders Podcast, all things considered.

What makes Episode 578 special is a listener feedback text message from Louis, an insightful, 21-year-old steel mill worker in Texas. Louis doesn’t want to work his physically taxing job forever, so he asks Rob for some advice regarding getting started with trading robots!

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Episode 66: Get Your Kicks on Episode 66

Rob Booker talks with his trusty producer, Jason Pyles, about driving and trading and being on the route of trading for a living. Rob also discusses the origins of the most famous traders, how the aspiration to trade for a living is like building a highway, and he asserts that our childhood experience may actually influence our trading style and behavior presently in our adult lives.

Rob encourages the listeners to do some self-assessment by doing an in-depth examination on the ways they trade. And Rob asks the listeners if there’s a stop along the way during their trading route that they’re not making, which is preventing them from trading for a living.

Jason brings a little trivia regarding the U.S. Route 66, and for good measure, he lists some irrelevant but interesting trivia about the year 1966. Join us, and please subscribe to The Traders Podcast.

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YouTube performance of “Route 66” by: Bobby Troup

YouTube performance of “Route 66” by: Nat King Cole

YouTube performance of “Route 66” by: Chuck Berry