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Episode 25: The Illustrious Todd Gordon, Part 1

In this Part 1, must-listen episode, Rob and Raghee talk to television personality Todd Gordon, a host of CNBC’s “Money in Motion.” Our intrepid podcast hosts ask Todd for some background on “Money in Motion,” how he came to be a host on the show, if he gets nervous on the air because thousands of people are listening to him, how his own market analysis affects the way he presents on TV, and most importantly, whether he gets to speak to Rebecca Patterson. If you like this episode, don’t miss Part 2 this Wednesday!

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Episode 24: Active Transformation, Passive Transformation and Faith

In this episode, Raghee and Rob wax philosophical and uncharacteristically reflective by discussing how traders bring active and passive transformations together to make themselves more hopeful, faithful, courageous and confident about what they do. They also discuss Raghee’s “three C’s” (as well as some unmentionable C’s); how faith pertains to trading; and some words of wisdom from the 1990 movie, “Joe Versus the Volcano.” Listen and weigh in by leaving your written comments below!

Episode 23: Sex and Trading Part 2

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for (perverts!) — Part 2 of Jennifer Thornburg’s “Sex and Trading” interview, based on her mega-popular, must-read blog post by the same name.

You can read the original sex and trading blog post here:

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And you can folllow her on Twitter here: @JenTho3

Episode 22: Sex and Trading Part 1

Yes, you read that correctly — sex and trading! In this memorable episode of The Traders Podcast, Rob talks with special guest Jennifer Thornburg about some parallels she’s been drawing between sex and trading. Though this show is a bit of a teaser, it is only Part 1 of 2 shows. Part 2 — the juicy stuff — will follow in the next episode of “Sex and Trading.”

Even so, you don’t want to miss Part 1, because in this show Rob and Jennifer also discuss why trading is addictive, the life-changing conversations Jennifer had once with a tall, red-headed man with $200,000 cash in Hong Kong, and overcoming her personal obstacle of “random trading.” Jennifer also talks about defining for herself what it means to be a successful trader, and she explains why she has such an affinity for the long-term charts.

You can read more from Jennifer

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at her Web site:

on Twitter: @JenTho3

Episode 21: The Spontaneity Freaks

Raghee and Rob interview Shonn Campbell — and share their secrets for making the market move by going to the movies. Shonn has a unique idea about the Transfer of Risk, and why we all try to shift risk, blame and responsibility to other people in our lives and our trading. This is one of those episodes that isn’t just for traders — it’s for everyone.

Episode 20: Motorcycles, Raghee Horner and Matcha Green Tea

This episode constitutes Part 2 of an insightful interview with Raghee Horner. Rob and Raghee talk about many important topics, such as how to make Matcha green tea, getting burned out on trading and what has saved Raghee’s trading career. They also discuss whether one can get too comfortable with one’s trading method, lessons learned while coming back from a large trading loss, and how to approach significant changes of direction in the market. But perhaps most importantly, Rob and Raghee draw analogies between trading and riding motorcycles. Don’t miss it!

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