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Episode 209: Trading Bipolarism and Drawing Upon Your Victories That Mattered Most

Welcome to The Traders Podcast. In Episode 209, your host Rob Booker talks about when all the wind is out of your sails and you just don’t feel like doing anything. He describes those days where you’ve missed a trade, and it completely drains you of your enthusiasm for trading. Rob also talks about the times when you’re stalking a trade like a creeper — and after stalking it forever — it still never triggers. Rob calls these severe emotional swings “Trading Bipolarism.” He describes an experience he had with this phenomenon over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Jason asks Rob if there’s a way to be preemptive and stop Trading Bipolarism before it sets in. Rob talks about turning a perfectionist into a procrastinator. And Rob also discusses the problem with looking for a quick fix as a coping mechanism in order to avoid other things. But Rob and Jason bring it home by discussing the benefits of calling upon past happiness — true victories that truly mattered — in order to get you through the present. If you’re a trader, then you’ve probably already experienced Trading Bipolarism, so you don’t want to miss this one! Thanks for listening.

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