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Episode 131: Into the Garbage Pile of Podcast History

You’ll have to please excuse us for this wacky episode… when we recorded Episode 131, your host Rob Booker was a little wound up and quite comical in his reaction to an e-mail from fellow author Brian Twomey, who wrote to inform Rob that he has surpassed Rob’s former publishing accomplishments. Congratulations to Brian!

In other news, our friend John wrote to tell us about his forthcoming podcasting venture in which he’s launching his own podcast on automated trading! John’s e-mail is a response to our invitation for other trader-podcasters to create a show of their own and band together with us as part of The Traders Podcast Network. This leads to a discussion of a few tips for traders who are considering starting their own podcasts. Rob and Jason talk about microphones and inexpensive set-ups. But the best resource for a beginner is this Learn How to Podcast link.

And last, but certainly not least, our friend Linna wrote to tell us about her publishing venture and shares some of her book with us. We hope you can find some sort of enjoyment from this bizarre episode. Thanks for listening!

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