trade for a living tour recap part 2

Episode 148: Trade-for-a-Living Tour Recap – Part 2

As a follow-up to Episode 147, this show is the Part 2 (of 2) where your host Rob Booker and Bradley Fried finish reminiscing and recapping their Trade-for-a-Living Tour. Prefacing his recording with Brad, Rob begins this podcast by talking to Jason and giving some insights about his friend and traveling companion, Brad. Next we cut to the recording that Rob and Brad made from a hotel room in New York City. They continue to discuss what they learned about trading (and about themselves) during the trip.

Rob talks about coping with uncertainty and, at times, fatigue. Rob and Brad recall some good instruction from Brian in Mississippi and the importance of taking a rest and giving one’s self a break — in life — and in trading. They discuss the prominent theme that trading is about giving up freedom. They recall how Markus counseled to do what you’re good at and disregarding the rest. They talk about their meeting with Kevin in Arlington, Texas, as well as Duane’s three “approved trading strategies.”

Rob and Brad reminisce about Andhi and how he told them he once had taken 300 equity trades in one day. This leads to a short chat about overtrading and diminishing returns. Brad talks about his love for New Orleans and its rich history, and Rob professes his love for Tennessee. These are only half of the experiences recounted in Episode 148 of The Traders Podcast. Listen to hear much more!