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Ep 639: A Trading League of Our Own

Welcome to the Traders Podcast Episode 639! Boy are we glad to be back. Today your host Rob Booker, who’s 50% improved from a 7-day fever from the depths of you-know-where, regales us with his heroic recovery. And, he catches up with Jason on his summer and the rap.

Understandably, Rob hasn’t been discretionarily trading in these summer months, which isn’t uncommon. Robots are great though because you don’t have to do anything. They can keep trading for you even if you’re so sick you want to claw your eyeballs out and stick them in the freezer.

Here’s the big news: In August and September Rob is assembling a group of 500 traders to trade together. They’re going to be trading the same way with the same robot, so they really concentrate on each element of doing something. Rob likens this act of revisiting the fundamentals to a profound lesson he learned from a business partner years ago, who, before beginning a software install that he’d done numerous times before, did the most unthinkable thing. He read the owner’s manual. Please join us!

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Episode 72: Trading Down to The Wire

Your host, Rob Booker, is joined by Traders Podcast producer, Jason Pyles, to discuss how HBO’s exceptional television series “The Wire” relates to trading for a living. Rob draws parallels between how Avon Barksdale and his nephew, D’Angelo Barksdale — two characters from “The Wire” TV series — approach the drug trade in Baltimore, Maryland. So, if you’ve ever wondered how your approach to trading compares to the way a druglord runs his empire, then please join us for another colorful episode of The Traders Podcast. We think you’ll have a good time.

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