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Ep 571: The Trading Hunch: Intuition That Comes From Experience

Welcome! In Episode 571 of The Traders Podcast, your hosts Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles talk about the benefits that come from experience.

Have you ever noticed how you can tell in the first few minutes if a movie will be good or bad? You just know! You’ve probably had a lot of experience with movies and you know what to look for to identify a good movie. Applying the same concept to trading, let’s talk about intuition.

How can you tell in just a few minutes if a trade is going to be good or bad?

There are 3 phases that every trader goes through. First, the trader is excited about all of their trades. Second, the trader experiences boredom. And third, the trader starts to break out of the box. But here’s the key: in order to break out of the box a trader must have the experience under their belt to help them have that all-important intuition.

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