the martingale trifecta

Episode 59: The Martingale Trifecta – aka Steel-Nad Trading

In today’s provocative episode, Rob Booker interviews Ryan Caldwell, a private, stay-at-home trader who’s been trading for five years and has a controversial outlook on money-management theories, hedging his trades when they go against him, and picking a direction in the market as if he might actually know which way the market is going to go next.

As Rob and Ryan look at the Martingale Money Management System, we have no doubt that this rousing discussion will spark the emotions and opinions of The Traders Podcast listeners, so please — by all means — leave your thoughts in the comments section of this episode! Join the fray!

Note: A Martingale trading methodology will increase the size of the trades in the midst of a losing streak. A true Martingale money management methodology will double the size of the trades every single time there’s a loss.

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