the importance of being right

Ep 606: The Importance of Being Right

How important is it for you to be right all along? For whatever reason, some traders apparently feel it’s more important to be right than it is to be profitable. Don’t let your need to be right take precedence over your need to find out what’s true.

Many traders suspect that in order to be successful in trading, one must be right from the beginning. But how likely is it that anyone can be 100 percent correct 100 percent of the time? The most realistic scenario is being right eventually. Being right from the beginning is definitely preferable, and it’s a worthy ambition, as long as you remember that you don’t have to be right at the outset. It doesn’t matter how you arrive at profitability, as long as you get there.

In Episode 606 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles discuss the importance of being right. We talk about the phenomenon where traders would do fine if they would just allow themselves the pleasure of making money, even though it doesn’t look like a method that anyone else is doing. If they weren’t so worried that what they’re doing isn’t legitimate, then they might just enable themselves to make some money! Join us to learn more!

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