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Episode 142: If Being Profitable Is Wrong – I Don’t Wanna Be Right

Dinner With AndhiThe Traders Podcast visits The Big Easy! When we catch up with your host Rob Booker and Bradley Fried amid their Trade-for-a-Living Tour, they listen to some wise counsel from Andhi in New Orleans. The three traders talk about how you don’t have to be right; you just have to be profitable. They discuss a common affliction of being too quick to enter trades, and Brad says that part-time traders who have a day job only have so much time to get in to their trades, so they often jump in prematurely for fear of missing out.

Throughout his conversation, Andhi mentions a list of five golden items that we suspect would help any trader who heeds his insights. Andhi also talks about “reversion to the mean” and how familiarizing yourself with some statistics can help you process the massive amount of raw data that traders study. Rob tells a story from his college experience about a bird that made him more popular for a day. And these traders discuss other fascinating concepts, such as The Human Moving Average and how to overcome obsessive thoughts about your next trade! Don’t miss this one!


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