Ep 635: Learning How to Make Money Trading

Sometimes the events of the news don’t have to be strictly financially related in order for us to glean some truth about trading. In Episode 635, your host Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles discuss the recent, heroic rescue of the boys trapped in a cave in Thailand. We talk about pressure and deadlines. We also discuss rising to the occasion and calling upon reserves of strength and determination precisely when they’re needed. Rob also draws a parallel with the beginning of a trader’s career and the seemingly long, dark tunnel to attaining the status of a profitable trader.

In Episode 635, Rob also talks getting back on track at the last point where you knew you were still on course. We discuss the occasional necessity of having to repeat portions of a journey. Many traders find this very humbling and discouraging, but Rob talks about how it’s often a necessary part of the learning process. We also hear the story of David, a trader who Rob repeatedly challenged to make one dollar a day. Listen to hear what David eventually learned! Join us!

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Episode 40: Where and Why We Trade for a Living

Rob Booker is joined again by his guest co-host, “The Coach” Scott Welsh, podcasting from Columbus, Ohio. Scott and Rob begin this episode by talking about the importance of knowing what you want when striving to achieve a goal.

Next your trader hosts discuss whether the location you’re trading from affects your trading, and whether you can trade from anywhere in the world (and by the way, where are the greatest places in the world to trade from?). Rob and Scott also consider Las Vegas: Is Sin City the perfect place for traders? Can automated trading enable you to trade from anywhere? Rob lists his favorite trading locations, and he reveals his pick for the greatest city of all time. And if you live in a certain location — which is named in this episode — and you’d like Rob and Scott to come and trade at your home with you for a week or two, then contact us at

Also, in this episode, we introduce a new segment called “Dumb Things That Rob Does,” which pertains to today’s topic.

And finally, Rob concludes Episode 40 with a remarkable epilogue that enumerates the reasons why, exactly, we trade for a living by recounting an unforgettable story about his friend, Mickey — a trader who realized his dreams.

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This episode is dedicated to Mickey, who successfully did what he always wanted to do.