Episode 162: Guest Host Bradley Fried Discusses Three of His Trading Rules

We have a surprise development for you for Episode 162 … Your usual host, Rob Booker, was on the road while we were recording, so we asked Bradley Fried, the CEO of Rob Booker Japan, to stand in as a guest host of The Traders Podcast! And we think you listeners will enjoy hearing from Brad, because he discusses three of his 18 trading rules.

Brad talks about Rule No. 15, which addresses how placing expectations of wealth or solving financial problems with trading injects the process with emotion and disables it. This is the rule where Brad says to focus on process, not profits. Brad also discusses his Rule No. 14, which encourages you to make your trading an active and creative process, not a mechanical one. And Brad also tells us about Rule No. 18, which involves the practice of rewarding yourself. You don’t want to miss this episode — Brad tears it up! Join us, and feel free to leave your comments at the bottom of these show notes.

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Episode 54: Sharing Your Trading Journey With a Trading Partner

In this unusual episode, your host, Rob Booker, is broadcasting live and “in the field” at the Dallas Traders Expo. There Rob caught up with Bradley Fried, the CEO of Rob Booker Japan, Inc., and they discussed some trends that are developing among traders from around the world, as well as some differences between Japanese and American traders.

Rob asks if traders tend to be introverts, and how that affects their tendency to share their trading experiences. Later in this show Rob and Brad are joined by trading blogger Jennifer Thornburg to discuss the value of sharing one’s trading journey with a trading partner. Brad talks about how the practice of being more open and accountable with others has benefited his trading, and you’ll also hear some tips for finding a trading partner and beginning that relationship with him or her. Thanks for listening!

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