Episode 293: Bank in the Bank, Not in Your Head

EZ Trading Computer

In Episode 293 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker takes his new EZ Trading Computer (pictured at right) for a spin and gives some feedback about it. Next we listen to a great voicemail we received about trading computers. (You can call and leave us at voicemail at (801) 382-8789. We’d love to hear from you!)

Next Rob highly recommends watching TFL Spotlight Interview with Dayvid Foo from Singapore. Then Rob talks about some books he’s been reading lately. First Rob talks about “The Sedona Method” by Hale Dwoskin, in which he learned about “head-banking.” Rob also read a book called “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters. All of this and more awaits you in Episode 293 of The Traders Podcast. Thanks for listening.

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TFL Spotlight Interview with Dayvid Foo

Get Eddie Z’s EZ Trading Computer free buyer’s guide: How to Buy a Trading Computer

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Episode 185: You Can’t See My Netherlands — Those Are Private

Want to know if your country (or your state) is pulling its weight, as listeners of The Traders Podcast? Well, Episode 185 is the moment of truth, where your host, Rob Booker, and the producer, Jason Pyles, give you our State of the Podcast Address with a listener statistics update. (Don’t worry — it’s a little more fun than it sounds…) We list off the Top 10 Countries That Download The Traders Podcast. And Rob also laments certain low-rankers or total omissions. You may be as shocked as Rob is!

And Rob takes a moment to speak to certain places: He talks about Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Italy and others. We also look at the Top 10 “User Agents” (or in other words — through what means you listen to the podcast most). We also take a look at the Top 10 States in the United States that listen, as well as the Top 10 U.S. Cities. Oh, and during this episode, Rob floats the idea of cutting a vinyl record with the four best Traders Podcast episodes. Leave us a comment and let us know (via episode numbers) which four you’d choose! Thanks for listening.

Note: By the way, the world map shown above depicts all the places that download The Traders Podcast by coloring them with some shade of blue. Places that are white (like Greenland) have zero downloads. Read More

Episode 46: Making Your Strategy Automatable and Singapore

In this episode, Rob Booker interviews “Mr. Automatable,” James Chen, who educates traders and is the director of technical analysis at FXDD in New York City — one of the premier MetaTrader shops.

Rob talks to James about how he got started in trading and how he got his current position; they discuss the other markets that James watches — in addition to forex. Rob asks James about his move from discretionary trading to non-discretionary trading, and how he gravitated toward an automated set of rules. They discuss the possibility of fully automating a trading strategy and whether James prefers longer term or shorter term trading.

As an analyst and an educator, James travels all over the world, so Rob asks him about the places he’s been in the last few months, and they discuss the wonderland that is Singapore. Robs asks where James finds the most growth right now in forex trading, Asian traders versus U.S. traders, and we hear James’s advice for someone who is looking to trade forex for the first time. Tune in!