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Episode 104: I Keep Sabotaging My Own Success

In Episode 104, Rob Booker returns with a second interview with author Rande Howell, the founder and owner of Trader’s State of Mind. Rande, who is a licensed therapist and personal development coach, answers Rob’s questions about the existence of the “self-sabotage” phenomenon. Rob says he has heard a lot of traders saying the same odd phrase: “I keep sabotaging my own success.” And Rob asks Rande for his thoughts on the veracity of this concept.

Rande talks about “The Saboteur,” trading your beliefs, the comfort zone, replicating patterns, brain development during the formative period — and much more during this episode of The Traders Podcast. Do yourself and your trading a favor and listen to Rande’s words of wisdom.

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Episode 103: Self-Sabotage – There’s Always Some Reason to Feel Not Good Enough

Rob Booker and his producer Jason Pyles discuss the concept of “self-sabotage” and whether it exists. This episode is a journey of honesty that ultimately leads back to trading.

This conversation begins with Jason talking about his inexplicable, recurring desire to keep getting involved in horror movie podcasting every few months (even though it never seems to be a welcome fit for him).

Rob muses over various phenomena that could be misconstrued and misidentified as self-sabotage. Rob asks if we subconsciously self-sabotage things that we don’t actually want to do (even though we think we want to do them on a conscious level).

A few of the questions from this episode: Is Rob a hedonist? Is Jason a masochist? Does it all come down to discipline? Does it all come down to perspective? Do we engage in destructive behavior in order to lash out because it’s easier than being honest about how we really feel? And are we being honest about what it is that we want most?

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Episode 101: Metal Pigs and Stupid Trucks

In Episode 101, your host Rob Booker brings back listener-favorite Raghee Horner to help answer some great questions. First Rob and Raghee tackle a question from Marco on Twitter, who sends a couple of inquisitive tweets regarding his struggles with trading and finding the system or timeframe that he’s most comfortable with. This leads to a fantastic discussion where Rob and Raghee answer several key questions, including: “Can somebody actually make a living trading from four-hour charts?” Rob and Raghee also talk about the time and commitment that it takes to trade for a living.

For the second half of this episode, The Producer dips into the mail bag for a question from Ian, who asks about what to do if he meets his trading goal mid-week. This turns into a discussion about self-sabotage, among other things. Don’t miss it!

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Episode 80: The Psychology of Trading Part 1

In Episode 80, your intrepid host, Rob Booker, reclines back on a leather chaise lounge chair and explores his deepest, inner child’s feelings with the great Adrienne Toghraie, author of 13 books about discipline and the psychology of trading. Adrienne is a literal expert at coaching traders, brokers and investors on their mental game when it comes to trading.

You’ll hear for yourself that Adrienne is chock full of information about the psychology of trading. She talks to Rob about overcoming the real phenomenon of self-sabotage and the myriad fears that fuel it, such as the fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being wrong and the fear of losing.

Rob and Adrienne discuss how beliefs lie beneath the psychology of trading and that trading is a trip of discovery about yourself. Adrienne also describes those who should be “intuitive discretionary traders” (and those who shouldn’t). Rob asks Adrienne whether trading is for everyone, and she gives a wise answer and backs it up with equally insightful explanations.

In this episode you’ll get to hear Adrienne describe the passion that is required to be a great trader which goes beyond just wanting to make money. But speaking of money, Adrienne describes something that we all do internally which determines how much money we’ll make, and Rob and Adrienne also discuss “the energy of money.” Read More