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Episode 278: Lengthen Your Time Horizon and Share Your Resources

Welcome to The Traders Podcast. In Episode 278, your host Rob Booker and Jason the producer finish listing off the four remaining points of Serge’s 8 Things I’ve Learned From Rob Booker e-mail. Throughout the list, Rob provides some additional insights. For example, in response to the advice to have a long, long-term objective, Rob reads a quote from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos about the power of maintaining a long-term vision. Then Rob talks about the benefits of sharing amongst the trading community. Then Rob wraps up with an article he recently wrote called Ride Your Losses. Then Trade Your Way Out of Them. We think you’ll have a good time. Thanks for listening.


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Episode 102: Mindful Trading With Author Rande Howell

In this episode, your host Rob Booker is out in the field at a traders’ expo, where he interviews Rande Howell, the founder and owner of Trader’s State of Mind. Rande is a licensed therapist and personal development coach, who combines a knowledge of emotional intelligence and peak-performance to teach traders how to trade beyond fear. Rande is also the author of four books, including “Mindful Trading: Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game of Trading.”

Rob and Rande discuss a number of concepts, such as mindful trading, archetypes, scarcity-thinking, euphoria, the feeling components of emotions, destructive behaviors, and where our fears come from.

Also, a special video accompanies today’s podcast:

Rob and Rande talk about whether there are hopeless traders who will never be able to change (and if there are any exceptions to Rande’s verdict). Rob and Rande also discuss the practice of taking certain medications to assist one’s trading.

During this episode, Rob also reveals what he deems to be The Greatest Rock Album of All Time! Don’t miss it!

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Web site: Traders State of

Book: Mindful Trading: Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game of Trading

Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon

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