Episode 296: Automated Trading From the Perspective of a Software Engineer

Welcome to The Traders Podcast. Episode 296 is for those who are interested in automated trading. Your host Rob Booker talks with Ryan, a Traders Podcast listener who works as a software engineer in California. Ryan has been writing his own robots for currency trading, and he has a very refreshing perspective for anyone who wants to start off on the right foot. Ryan talks about the frustrations of back-testing and especially forward-testing. He says he needed to start with the problem, so Ryan and Rob discuss how he went about identifying and understanding said problem. These are just a few topics of the many discussed in Episode 296. We enjoyed having Ryan on the show, and we think you’ll enjoy him, too. Thanks for listening.

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Episode 286: Take Yourself Off the Hamster Wheel and Trade on the Road to Greatness

Welcome to The Traders Podcast, Episode 286. Your host Rob Booker and Jason the producer begin by reading an e-mail from Ryan, who asks how much profit you can take out of your trading account each month. Rob addresses the irrational fears that traders often have and their feelings of imminent doom. Next Jason talks about the concept of traveling the road to greatness. Rob and Jason explore the general goal or objective that most traders have in order to consider themselves successful. And as a mere side note, Rob also mentions how to become a millionaire in seven years. Don’t miss this one! Thanks for listening.

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Episode 274: The Irresponsible Podcaster and the Euronaut


For Episode 274 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles bring you another mailbag episode, where we delve into the listener feedback. But first Rob talks about the new apps (for iPhone, for Android) that are available for The Traders Podcast.

Next we read e-mails from Jonathan, as well as Ryan, a software engineer in California who’s begun to write his own Expert Advisors (EA’s). Then Jason recommends a unique zombie-type of movie called “Pontypool” (2008). Then we got a request from FX Outlier and Mark regarding guest appearances on The Traders Podcast. Next we read part of an e-mail from Dave. We also got comments from Chris and Glenn, and it’s an overall, rip-roarin’ great time. Join us! Thanks for listening.

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Episode 256: Sometimes It’s Just the Person With the Bigger Hemi

Welcome to Episode 256 of The Traders Podcast. This show begins with Rob discussing how the bank Credit Suisse pled guilty to “criminal wrong-doing” in a felony case. This leads Rob to a rant where he asks why everything is broken in the U.S. government, and yet it’s still hungry for more.

Then we open the Mailbag again! The first few comments come from Ryan, Simon, Sean from Atlanta and Daljit in response to Jason’s question about gratitude versus ingratitude, satisfied versus dissatisfied. And then we move into some spicier comments from the likes of the infamous Brian F., as well as from our friend, James. It’s a rip-roarin’ good time. Thanks for writing to us, and thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast.

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Episode 239: An Update on The Trader House

Welcome to Episode 239 of The Traders Podcast with your host, Rob Booker. This particular show is a wacky hodgepodge, of sorts. Jason the producer begins with a story of a little conflict he had at a screening of the new movie “Divergent.” Next we listen to a voice mail from Ryan. We randomly talk about various incarnations of The Tonight Show, then we read comments from FX Outlier, Liftoff, Scott and Warren. But stick around until after Rob closes the show, because we had an after-show conversation about Rob’s Trader House. Let us know your thoughts. Thanks for listening.

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Episode 234: Cut Losses Quickly and Allow the Winning Trades

This episode opens with your host Rob Booker and Jason the producer taking an unintentionally alienating stroll down Memory Lane by perusing Google Maps… Next we read a comment from Ryan about his long-term trading, which leads Rob to quote from his friend Tim Sykes’s blog post about his 64 trading rules. Rob talks about the importance of cutting losses quickly and allowing your winning trades to run their course. We think you’ll enjoy Episode 234, so please check it out. Thanks for listening!

Rob’s Trifecta Trading System for day trading

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Episode 188: Knoxville Ryan — The Indiana Jones of Currency Trading

Remember Episode 145 — The Guy Who Lived Out of a Van and Traded? That fascinating guest was Ryan from Knoxville, Tennessee. Well, in Episode 188, your host Rob Booker catches up with Ryan to find out about his latest adventures in trading.

So, in this episode, Ryan talks about his experiences with automating a trading system and the way people react when news is released about the market. Ryan also talks about using a computer to simplify the process of putting trades on, but not necessarily for taking the trades… Rob discusses Ryan’s primary objective of reducing risk. And Rob and Ryan talk about Nadex and binary options. Leave us a comment below! Thanks for listening.

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Episode 145: The Guy Who Lived Out of a Van and Traded

In this very special episode of The Traders Podcast, you’ll hear your host Rob Booker and Bradley Fried having lunch with Ryan — a real-deal trader from the Knoxville, Tennessee, area. This very casual and natural conversation is indicative of the chats that Rob and Brad have enjoyed during their Trade-for-a-Living Tour.

Ryan shares the story of his first exposure to the magic of currency trading, and he candidly talks about the early days of his trading career, which began in October 2008. Ryan recounts some of the financial bumps and bruises that went along with a new trader’s learning curve. He discusses hedging and how he came to know that it was the right way for him to trade. Ryan also talks about how he used to live out of a van for four years — while trading! It’s all good stuff that you won’t want to miss!

Note to listeners: There’s a great deal of ambient noise during this lunchtime interview, so you’ll hear other people, helicopters, jets, cars, trucks and wind! But in the midst of the background chaos, you’ll also catch a pretty hilarious, female bystander who adds a provocative contribution to the podcast — as well as a man who sounds like he gets injured nearby. These little audio nuggets occur after Rob and Brad’s humorous riff on the historical significance of the Donchian channel.

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Ryan’s blog: Joaquin FX Trading


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