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Ep 597: Four Steps to Currency Trading – Step 4: Get It Going and Leave It Alone

In Episode 597, your host Rob Booker tells Jason the producer about his recent trip to London for a large traders’ conference, where he caught up with some inspiring currency traders. Rob’s take-away message that he wanted to pass along from those who trade profitably to those who are still learning to trade profitably is to get something going and then leave it alone. And for automated traders, the message is to stop touching your robot.

In this show we talk about how traders tend to micro-manage every little aspect of a trade. We keep trying to tweak and adjust and fix things that might very well run a favorable course on their own, without any intervention or interference. Join us to learn more!

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Episode 437: Ask Rob – How Can I Get Started in Robotic Trading?

Good morning! Today Rob is back with Jeff Patterson from Finance Magnates and the two spend Episode 437 discussing how to break into robotic trading. Rob provides you with a quick little self-analysis so that you can find out if robotic trading is better suited to you than discretionary trading. Then, he explains how to get started! Thanks for listening!

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Episode 3: Automated Trading, Part 3

Rob Booker and Chris Davison put the cap on the final 2 strategies for success in automated trading, with a rousing conversation about the dangers of trading with a robot (or doing anything else with a robot, for that matter). How can you carefully and wisely select a system that is right for you? How much should an automated trading system cost? The answers to these questions, and more, are answered in this episode.

Episode 2: Automated Trading, Part 2

Here Rob Booker and Chris Davison continue their conversation about automated, algorithmic trading. Does it work? In this continuation of their look into the inside world of running automated systems, Chris and Rob share three more of their 8 strategies for success with robotic trading.

Episode 1: Automated Trading, Part 1

Traders are faced with the temptation to automate their trading. Robots, machines, computers from the future — can they help you trade better? Does robotic trading improve your profitability? What are the dangers of handing over your trading to an algorithm? In this episode, Rob Booker and his trading partner, Chris Davison, talk about 8 strategies for successful automated trading and what to watch out for when buying a robotic trading system. Be prepared to laugh and look at automated trading with a skeptic’s point of view.