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Ep 639: A Trading League of Our Own

Welcome to the Traders Podcast Episode 639! Boy are we glad to be back. Today your host Rob Booker, who’s 50% improved from a 7-day fever from the depths of you-know-where, regales us with his heroic recovery. And, he catches up with Jason on his summer and the rap.

Understandably, Rob hasn’t been discretionarily trading in these summer months, which isn’t uncommon. Robots are great though because you don’t have to do anything. They can keep trading for you even if you’re so sick you want to claw your eyeballs out and stick them in the freezer.

Here’s the big news: In August and September Rob is assembling a group of 500 traders to trade together. They’re going to be trading the same way with the same robot, so they really concentrate on each element of doing something. Rob likens this act of revisiting the fundamentals to a profound lesson he learned from a business partner years ago, who, before beginning a software install that he’d done numerous times before, did the most unthinkable thing. He read the owner’s manual. Please join us!

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Ep 597: Four Steps to Currency Trading – Step 4: Get It Going and Leave It Alone

In Episode 597, your host Rob Booker tells Jason the producer about his recent trip to London for a large traders’ conference, where he caught up with some inspiring currency traders. Rob’s take-away message that he wanted to pass along from those who trade profitably to those who are still learning to trade profitably is to get something going and then leave it alone. And for automated traders, the message is to stop touching your robot.

In this show we talk about how traders tend to micro-manage every little aspect of a trade. We keep trying to tweak and adjust and fix things that might very well run a favorable course on their own, without any intervention or interference. Join us to learn more!

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Episode 182: What Happens in Automated Trading — Stays in Automated Trading

Your host Rob Booker wasn’t able to record Episode 182, so Jason the producer gets to chat with “The Coach” — Scott Welsh, co-creator of the Bossilator course and a peak-performance instructor who resides in Columbus, Ohio. Scott and Jason begin by talking about Sin City — Las Vegas, Nevada — and why they’re so fond of it. This leads to a conversation about trading conferences in Vegas. And then Scott and Jason get around to the matter at hand: automated trading.

Jason asks Scott how he can make a living from a strategy that only produces 12 to 13 traders per year. Scott also talks about the challenge of resisting the temptation to interfere with your automated system, which leads to a discussion about discipline and trading psychology. Jason asks Scott who can benefit from automated trading, and they talk about finding an automated trading system (and a programmer) that’s right for you. Listen and subscribe!

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