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Episode 74: Exploring Divergence and The Wallaby Trade

We’ve got a technical, sort of, how-to episode for you today. Rob Booker explores the concept of divergence with Bradley Fried, the CEO of Rob Booker Japan. Rob and Brad discuss Wallaby Trading and how it works. They discuss risk-to-reward ratios of 8:1 and 10:1, and they talk about how this is a possibility for anyone!

Brad and Rob discuss other oscillators or indicators that a trader can use to track divergence, such as The Wallaby Oscillator, Relative Strength Index (RSI), CCI, Stochastic Oscillator, MACD, et al. They briefly discuss settings for oscillators and Rob even asks Brad to share his win-percentage from his last month of trading. Very fun, right? So, tune in, and be sure to check out the valuable links and charts below! Thanks for listening.

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And here are two examples of Wallaby Trades in action, courtesy of Bradley Fried:

Episode 54: Sharing Your Trading Journey With a Trading Partner

In this unusual episode, your host, Rob Booker, is broadcasting live and “in the field” at the Dallas Traders Expo. There Rob caught up with Bradley Fried, the CEO of Rob Booker Japan, Inc., and they discussed some trends that are developing among traders from around the world, as well as some differences between Japanese and American traders.

Rob asks if traders tend to be introverts, and how that affects their tendency to share their trading experiences. Later in this show Rob and Brad are joined by trading blogger Jennifer Thornburg to discuss the value of sharing one’s trading journey with a trading partner. Brad talks about how the practice of being more open and accountable with others has benefited his trading, and you’ll also hear some tips for finding a trading partner and beginning that relationship with him or her. Thanks for listening!

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Jennifer Thornburg on Twitter: @JenTho3

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