Episode 351: The Science of the Stop-Loss

Happy Monday! Welcome to The Traders Podcast! In Episode 351, your host Rob Booker reminds you about his exclusive and short-term offer for a LIFETIME TFL MEMBERSHIP! Rob also answers a question from John, who asks what to do to prepare for the worst? This query leads Rob to expound on the science of the stop-loss. Don’t miss it!

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Episode 269: Trading Tidbits From Cannon Beach

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In Episode 269 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker calls in to the show from Cannon Beach, Oregon, which is pictured at right. Rob begins by giving a quick mini review of his Chromebook computer and its performance thus far. Next we read a mailbag question from Erik, who asks if Japanese traders are typically bigger risk-takers or even gamblers. And this leads Rob to talk about the carry trade, for old times’ sake. Next Rob cites a blog post titled A Dozen Things I’ve Learned From Reid Hoffman, and of course, he has trading-related applications for these tidbits. And finally Rob talks about how the innovative trader’s path is most often a solo journey. Join us!

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Episode 45: Enduring Draw-Down and the Infinite Time Horizon on Success

An expert in automated back-testing, Chris Davison joins us from the UK to give more advice on how to lose money and to discuss the two elements of draw-down: namely, how your system copes with draw-down and how you personally deal with draw-down.

Rob and Chris clarify the difference between risking 1% per trade versus risking 2% per trade, and they give advice on how to get to the point where you don’t worry when you’ve hit a losing streak. Rob brings us another “Dumb Things That Rob Does” segment, and Chris reveals some interesting findings that have occurred during the Wallabot Millionaire experiment.

There’s talk about how to give yourself “an infinite time horizon on success,” differentiating between investing and gambling, and Chris names the reason why he thinks most people lose money trading — and more. Please join us!

Chris Davison’s blog, where he monitors the performance of several automated systems: Chasing Pips

Understanding Draw-Down:

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