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Episode 305: Entering Trades to Immediate Profitability and the Launch of the Rise and Shine Podcast

Rise and Shine Podcast

For Episode 305 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker received a question in the TFL365 chatroom from his friend “Mavrick,” who asked about entering trades that immediately go the other way, subjecting him to a nerve-racking period before eventually becoming profitable. So, Rob asks Jason the producer (a non-trader) to address Mavrick’s question. But rest assured, Rob takes a stab at answering the question, as well. And then we conclude this episode with the epic announcement of our brand new podcast:

Today, Rob and Jason have launched a new, daily, inspirational show called the RISE AND SHINE PODCAST

We’re calling on our Traders Podcast friends to help our launch by asking you to please:

1. Listen to our new podcast.
2. Subscribe to the new show free in iTunes.
3. Leave the Rise and Shine Podcast an iTunes review.

Links for this episode:

Rob and Jason have a new daily show! Rise and Shine Podcast

Call and leave us a voicemail: (801) 382-8789

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