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Episode 477: Shine a Light on the Pig in the Head, An Interview with Raghee Horner

Hello Traders Podcast listeners! Welcome to Episode 477. Today your host Rob Booker is here with Raghee Horner of SimplerForex.com. They have a great conversation in store for you ranging from politics to time zones to unleashing the teacher and public speaker in all of us. Have you ever wondered if you might be a little vain? Rob has one insight that might help you get to the bottom of that. Raghee has another name for it: The Pig in the Head. We sure hope we can help you become a better trader and a better human today! You’ll love today’s show!

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Episode 356: The Market Is in Transition

Hi, and welcome to Episode 356 of The Traders Podcast. In this show, your host Rob Booker catches up with our friend and fellow trader, Raghee Horner of Trade Forex Futures.com. They discuss how the market is in transition. You can either listen to an edited, audio podcast version of Episode 356, or we have a YouTube video of this episode available below. Enjoy!

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Episode 221: Dark Rob and Raghee Horner’s Tomato Can Currencies

For Episode 221 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker catches up with one of our favorite guests, the great Raghee Horner of Trade Forex Futures.com. First, Rob and Raghee talk about Timothy Ferriss’s concept of “The Four-Hour Work Week” and the feasibility of outsourcing one’s own life. That leads to a discussion of the merits and possibilities of trading for only one hour each day. Next Rob talks about the solitude that can come from being a trader, which he personally appreciates. Then we hear a tired, “Dark Rob” (as Raghee terms him) share some hilarious thoughts about how he doesn’t want to shoulder other people’s drama or personal tragedies anymore. Rob and Raghee agree that one must choose the people in life that one is willing to ride the roller coaster with, and similarly, one must pick the financial instruments with which one is willing to get involved. Raghee defines “tomato can currencies” and explains why these are important to her trading. All of this and so much more in Episode 221 of The Traders Podcast. Thanks for listening!

The International Traders Expo
When: February 16—18, 2014
Where: Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York

Raghee’s schedule: Sunday, February 16, 2014, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. – Four Hours to Forex Trading

Rob’s schedule: Monday, February 17, 2014, 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. – How to Uncover Blockbuster Breakout Trades With Pivots
Monday, February 17, 2014, 2:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. – High-Probability Trade Set-ups on Forex, Indexes and Stocks

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Episode151: The Rob and Raghee Divergence or: Half Off Is for Walmart

In this episode, your host Rob Booker responds to an inquisitive e-mail from someone that we’ll just call “M.” His e-mail asks a number of questions, including: Why sit in front of your computer and teach people about trading, instead of just flying around the world, enjoying your trading wealth? And there are many other Web sites with a trading room, and so forth, so what makes yours different? So, Rob has a good time fielding M’s queries.

Then, at about 9 minutes into the episode, we’re joined by special guest and friend, Raghee Horner, the creator of the 34EMA Wave and the GRaB indicator. Rob asks Raghee a few questions that are peripherally related to his previous discussion of M’s e-mail. Rob asks Raghee what is the mistake that she keeps making, and in response, she talks about her hit-and-miss affair with stop-losses. And then Rob and Raghee discover their point(s) of divergence as traders! Give this one a listen — we think you’ll have fun!

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Episode 138: Stepping Into the Darkness With Raghee Horner

Young Rob BookerIn Episode 138, your host Rob Booker speaks with his good friend, Raghee Horner, author of ForeX Trading for Maximum Profit and the chief market strategist at Interbank FX. Raghee talks to Rob about his Trade-for-a-Living Tour, which leads to a conversation about doing things that scare us and stepping into the darkness as a necessity for moving forward.

Raghee also talks about how “you can’t change anybody’s molecules.” And Rob asks Raghee if Apple is still a great company. Rob poses questions to podcast listeners, as well, such as: What does Apple represent to you these days? Is Apple still relevant to you? Rob also talks about why he thinks the future of Apple is still bright.

Finally, Raghee and Rob muse about the state of technology and speculate on future technologies, such as data storage and much, much more. Join us!


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Episode 109: Jungle Cat Traders and a 20-Minute Experiment

Your host Rob Booker is joined by special guest, Raghee Horner, the creator of the 34EMA Wave and the GRaB indicator. During this episode, Rob and Raghee chat about breakfast and their morning routines, which leads to a discussion about how food can help (or harm) your trading. Raghee talks about the benefits of trading hungry, “like a jungle cat”… Raghee also shares a story about a professional gambler who felt that food affected his psychology and mental focus.

For the latter half of Episode 109, Rob has, what he calls, the best conversation he’s ever had about goals — and this information is just in time for your New Year’s goal-setting! Raghee explains her “20-Minute Experiment,” which is a fresh approach to goal-setting. You don’t want to miss this one!

Happy holidays from The Traders Podcast.

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Daily Forex Trading Edge.com

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THE BATMAN PODCAST: Episode 001 — With Jason and Davy Pyles

Episode 101: Metal Pigs and Stupid Trucks

In Episode 101, your host Rob Booker brings back listener-favorite Raghee Horner to help answer some great questions. First Rob and Raghee tackle a question from Marco on Twitter, who sends a couple of inquisitive tweets regarding his struggles with trading and finding the system or timeframe that he’s most comfortable with. This leads to a fantastic discussion where Rob and Raghee answer several key questions, including: “Can somebody actually make a living trading from four-hour charts?” Rob and Raghee also talk about the time and commitment that it takes to trade for a living.

For the second half of this episode, The Producer dips into the mail bag for a question from Ian, who asks about what to do if he meets his trading goal mid-week. This turns into a discussion about self-sabotage, among other things. Don’t miss it!

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Trade Forex Futures.com

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Episode 58: Germany, Greece, Gold and The New Reality

Rob Booker chats with Raghee Horner, intermarket analyst extraordinaire, who believes that each trader is entitled to his or her own perspective on the market, regardless of dissenting naysayers’ recommendations. During this episode, Raghee talks about the concept of adapting to “The New Reality” that exists in our more or less resilient global market. Rob and Raghee also discuss oil, the Greek economy and the way the interest rate cycle will sometimes precede the commodity cycle. Rob talks to Raghee about her feelings toward gold, its baffling market movements, and the role that gold plays in her analysis. All this and more in Episode 58! Thanks for listening.

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Episode 55: How Loss Affects Traders and Why

Rob Booker catches up again with Raghee Horner, the chief market strategist at Interbank FX, and they discuss the flogging of Jamie Dimon and his testimony before the Senate panel on the subject of the $2 billion dollars losses. This topic leads to some breaking news about how traders thought the losses were going to reverse and the fascinating concept of monkeys flying out of one’s butthole.

Raghee and Rob also talk about how traders typically deal with losses and how they treat themselves in response to loss. They discuss how most traders will fear losses far more than they will ever enjoy any gain. Raghee discusses the employee mentality versus the entrepreneur mentality and how traders live in a results economy.

Raghee also gives an example of how the NFL football drafting process illustrates our tolerance and patience for how soon we want a return on our investment. They talk about expanding one’s time horizon in order to keep short-term set-backs in perspective, as well as the concept of point of validity. Don’t miss this one!

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Raghee Horner.com


Trade Forex Futures.com

Twitter: @RagheeHorner

Episode 38: Finding the Dominant Psychology of the Market

In Episode 38, Rob Booker talks with co-hosts Raghee Horner and Jennifer Thornburg about how to get a big-picture view of the Dominant Psychology of the Market. Rob asks these ladies what it means to do a five-minute analysis of a financial instrument, and how it plays a part in their decision-making process about trading. Rob also asks if, in the world of stocks, since a financial instrument can move down faster than it goes up, do currencies move down faster than they move up. And The Traders Podcast hosts spend some time talking about Apple and its future. Don’t miss it!

Raghee’s Web site: RagheeHorner.com

Jennifer’s Web site: Jennifer.bz