Episode 207: As Soon as I Open a Trade, I Become an Idiot

We hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. For Episode 207, your host Rob Booker spends more time exploring the subject of “process,” an approach to trading discussed in Episode 202, where goals don’t really matter; all that matters is having a process. Also in this episode, you’ll hear about how Shonn Campbell directed Rob’s attention to an article in the Wall Street Journal by Scott Adams titled Secret of Success: Failure by Scott Adams. Rob uses this article and his memory of a breakfast he had with Shonn Campbell, Matt LaCoco and Bradley Fried in April 2013, to ultimately talk about spending less time trading while making more money, struggling less — and winning more. Don’t miss it!

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Secret of Success: Failure by Scott Adams Read More

Episode 202: The 10-Week Year, Trading Competitions and the Process Approach to Trading

About a month and a half before we reach New Year’s and a time of resolution-making, your host Rob Booker explains how he has moved from the Gregorian calendar to using a 10-week year. So, Rob details his relatively newfound schedule and how it works.

Next we dip into the mailbag and read a hilarious comment from James. Then Anthony from South Africa wrote to ask about trading competitions and whether their winners’ incredible results are legitimately possible. This leads to an intriguing discussion of the reality of making huge profits and how consistently it can be done.

And finally, Rob wraps up this episode by talking about implementing a process — and committing to that process — instead of solely striving for a specific end result. This discussion will become the first part of a three-part series that spans over Episodes 202 through 204 of The Traders Podcast. Don’t miss it! Read More