Episode 196: The Magical Potion of Probability and Why Trading Is Gambling

Returning again after their Cigar Shop debut in Episode 179, Shonn Campbell and Matt LaCoco host The Traders Podcast again to talk about the magical potion of probability and to what extent trading is, in fact, gambling. Matt and Shonn discuss how traders are just in denial about being gamblers, asserting that traders aren’t much different from professional poker players or card counters who use statistics to make their money. Shonn and Matt suggest that trading is merely card counting — with candles! They also talk about “the gut feeling” and how it’s essentially the intuition of probability.

So, in Episode 196, the Cigar Shop guys will answer the questions: Is there a way to count cards in trading? And is there a way to gamble for a living? You definitely don’t want to miss this one! Thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast.

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Episode 129: Probabilities, Uncertainties and The Truth About Trading

In this follow-up to our previous show, Episode 128, your host Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles consider Greg K.’s interview about remote viewing and intuitive trading. Jason asks how the compelling results that are produced over time from intuitive trading correspond with probability. Rob talks about how trading systems are really just a set of probabilities, and in that same vein, Rob also discusses probabilities versus sure-things and how there really are no sure-things… Rob reveals a reason why most traders end up failing. And in this episode Jason hits on The Truth about Trading, which leads to a discussion about the uncertainty of life itself … deep. Listen!

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