Episode 135: A Three-Step Process for Becoming a More Patient Trader

For those traders out there who struggle (or have struggled) with so-called “over-trading,” Episode 135 is for you. Rob describes a time in his trading career when he was taking 30 to 40 trades per day — and he says this trader’s malady is due to a lack of patience for trading. This podcast is about having the patience to wait for trades that we want to make.

So, if you’re a trader who would close your winning trades early and then immediately launch back into the market again, you might need to become a more patient trader. In this show, you’ll hear Rob explain his three-step process for becoming more patient, a process that Rob says changed his trading career. You don’t want to miss this one! Rob also talks about monkeys, bananas and hot yoga!

Note: The map Rob refers to is located in the show notes for Episode 133, not Episode 134.

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