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Episode 264: Four Things That New Traders Do Better Than Veteran Traders

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In Episode 264, your host Rob Booker is still enjoying Paris, France, where he has been embarking on some culinary adventures. Rob has also been writing for, where a reader recently asked: What are some mistakes that new traders make that veteran traders don’t make? Rob flips this question around and examines the four things that new traders do better than veteran traders. You probably shouldn’t miss this one … especially if you’re a veteran trader. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 263: The Trade Size That a Professional Trader Should Take

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For Episode 263, your host Rob Booker is solo-broadcasting from Paris, France. In this show Rob uses a set of articles that he’s been writing for about cutting losses quickly as a launching point for his sentiments. Rob suggests that perhaps the practice of cutting losses quickly isn’t the Gospel truth that we’ve been told it is, and he says it’s often blasphemous to say so.

Rob talks about a friend of his who made $21,000 trading a counter-trend system. Then Rob discusses another friend who made $8,000, and he did not close all of his losing trades immediately. So, Rob gives some tips on how to trade in a different way, other than closing losing trades immediately. And Rob tells what he thinks makes a person “a professional trader,” including the specific trade size that a pro should take. Good stuff. Don’t miss it!

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Episode 262: Be Your Own Best Advocate

Welcome to The Traders Podcast, Episode 262. In this show your host Rob Booker talks about the notion of traders being their own worst enemies. Rob was recently asked how to know if his trading system is simply going through a temporary rough period versus when it’s time to call it quits on that system. Rob also spends some time discussing James Altucher as an example of a person with a quiet, understated confidence about his own abilities. Rob also invites any listeners who live in Paris, France, to e-mail or leave a comment, that he might meet you this week. Thanks for listening.

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