on the other side of burnout

Episode 197: On the Other Side of Burnout

In another great solocast, your host Rob Booker sorts through the listener mailbag and gets a nice e-mail from David Pullen, from Melbourne, Australia. David writes to tell us that Rob put him in the doghouse with his significant other… This e-mail prompts Rob to consider hosting his 2014 trading contest down under — in Australia!

Next Rob hears from Derek King, a bicyclist from the UK countryside, who says a recent episode of The Traders Podcast helped encourage him to get proactive about putting his trading manual into writing. This inspires the heart of this episode, where Rob talks about the significance of writing something down that you want and then seeing that vision come to fruition later on in your life, often in unexpected ways.

Next Rob reads a great e-mail from Jessica (aka Rogue Traderette on Twitter), who responds to Rob’s episode about burnout. Jessica’s e-mail is quite inspiring, actually — a must-hear letter. And finally, Cole sends an encouraging poem about something that we should all probably do a lot more of… If you’re a trader, this episode is for you. Thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast.

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