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Ep 593: Next Learn How to Win and Stop

Good morning and welcome to Episode 593 of The Traders Podcast! Your host Rob Booker and producer Jason Pyles have a great podcast for you today. If you haven’t already, you should go back and listen to Episode 592: First Learn How to Lose.

Now moving on! Rob teaches you how to make a $1,000 a week and, here’s the crucial part: and then how to stop.

Here’s a question: What can you buy for $1 a week? Answer: Not much. But, if you develop the patience needed to just make $1 a week for 4 weeks and then stop, then you have everything you need to grow into a profitable trader. Rob teaches traders everyday how to do this.

Once the discipline to stop is in place when you’ve earned a dollar, try to make $2 a week and then stop. You’ll have to learn how to quit while you’re ahead. You’ll have to learn to “stop when you’ve lost, and stop when you’ve won.”

“Trading is the game of knowing when to stop.” And, little by little you can learn to make $1,000 in a week and stop.

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