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Episode 298: The Critical Importance of a Daily Routine for Traders

Welcome to The Traders Podcast, starring Rob Booker. In Episode 298, Rob starts off by talking about some New York Times headlines, which he quickly transposes into analogous trading metaphors. This leads Rob to talk about the critical importance of establishing a daily routine for your trading procedures. Next Jason plays some business television audio clips, and Rob responds to them — rambunctiously. Rob rants about worldwide fears about dropping oil prices, and we discuss deflation versus disinflation. Please leave us a comment, and let us know about your trading routine. And thanks for listening.

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Episode 265: Murphy’s Law of Trading

In Episode 265 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker talks about some universal principles pertaining to Murphy’s Law and trading. To discuss this topic, Rob begins by reacting to a New York Times article about the discouraging state of Iraq and its military, now that three years have passed since the U.S. departure.

This leads Rob to talk about a poor trading decision he once made, even though he knew he shouldn’t go forward with said decision. And Rob discusses how we will often make poor choices even though we see the resultant bad moon rising. So, Rob brings it home by giving some suggestions of how traders can combat the tendency to do things that are against their own best interest. Don’t miss it! Thanks for listening.

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Episode 252: The Secrecy Obsession

Hi, and welcome to Episode 252 of The Traders Podcast featuring your host, Rob Booker. This show begins with Rob asking whether hedge funds should be treated like everyone else, which leads to a conversation about fairness and whether such an idea is ever possible. Rob discusses an article from the New York Times about David Einhorn and his desire to keep his trades secret. Rob says we all seem to have this air of secrecy… Next Rob talks about the acquisition of the Tumblr blogging platform and how it’s been a big miss for Yahoo. Also in this episode, Rob officially proves, once and for all, that he’s clairvoyant with his Twitter / Amazon prophecies!

Note: Shockingly, there are no photographs online of Green’s Donuts of Wheeling, West Virginia. Sorry.

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