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Episode 216: Goal-Setting and Predictions for 2014

Happy new year! Welcome to 2014. In this episode, your hosts Rob Booker and Jason Pyles talk about the usual new year’s topics… Rob explains how effective goal-setting is really just good forecasting, and he talks more about setting goals on a 10-week year type of schedule. And Jason talks about his Fear of Failure when it comes to goal-setting, and Rob gives us his talk about fear and failure. You’ll also hear what Rob thinks is going to happen in 2014, and Rob and Jason discuss their most anticipated movies of this new year.

Oh, and here is the Jonathan Nolan / Dark Knight interview in three parts below. Thanks for listening and happy 2014!

Jonathan Nolan – Dark Knight interview (PART 1)

Jonathan Nolan – Dark Knight interview (PART 2)

Jonathan Nolan – Dark Knight interview (PART 3)

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Episode 111: How Traders Can Prepare for the Unpredictability of 2013

It’s New Year’s Eve of 2012, and your host Rob Booker and The Producer are here to wish you a happy new year and to help you ring in 2013 with some reflections about 2012, both culturally and financially. But the focus of this episode is the impossibility of foreseeing the unpredictable and unknowable events which are to come in 2013. So, Rob spells out three things that traders can do to prepare for the unpredictable events that are sure to come with 2013. So, if you’re planning on grabbing this new year by the horns, then you’ll definitely want to listen to this special New Year’s Eve edition of The Traders Podcast.

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