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Episode 236: Dipping Back Into the Mailbag

For Episode 236 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker and Jason the producer dip into the mailbag and address some listener feedback. You’ll hear comments from Suko about the proper pronunciation (and meaning) of the word “Doji.” You’ll hear another comment from Warrior who explains why the price of natural gas rises and falls counterintuitively during the hot and cold seasons. We also read a comment from German, who asks about bad habits and scalping, as well as another comment from Warren concerning Rob’s friend Steve Nison. And Philipe wrote in about overcoming his tendency to overtrade. We always appreciate listener feedback, so feel free to leave your comments in the show notes at the bottom of this episode. Thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast!

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Episode 230: A Few Lessons From The International Traders Expo in New York City

Welcome to Episode 230 of The Traders Podcast. During this show, your host Rob Booker regales us with his adventures and experiences at The International Traders Expo in New York City that took place over the past few days from February 16 through 18. While at the expo, Rob listened for some lessons that might interest the podcast listeners out there who weren’t able to attend.

Rob talks about sitting in on the presentation of long-time futures trader John Person (of, who discussed the dropping stock of Starbucks Coffee Company. Next Rob describes a distribution bar, which is a fascinating term he heard at the conference. Rob also quotes John Person again, who commented that on the daily chart, the futures contract on natural gas has printed five Doji candles in a row, which signifies a reversal pattern or a big turn-around on the horizon. All of these and a few more tidbits from the New York Expo are highlighted here in Episode 230 of The Traders Podcast. Join us! Read More