Episode 264: Four Things That New Traders Do Better Than Veteran Traders

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In Episode 264, your host Rob Booker is still enjoying Paris, France, where he has been embarking on some culinary adventures. Rob has also been writing for Experts.ForexMagnates.com, where a reader recently asked: What are some mistakes that new traders make that veteran traders don’t make? Rob flips this question around and examines the four things that new traders do better than veteran traders. You probably shouldn’t miss this one … especially if you’re a veteran trader. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 161: Braving the Rapids, Embarrassment and Rob Booker

In this wild episode of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker talks with Market Strategist Neal Gilbert, who is the author of “Braving the Rapids,” an eBook trading strategy that Rob says is reasonably simple, and yet, still powerful enough to be consistently profitable. Rob asks Neal to discuss certain aspects of his eBook, including the five stages of grief as applied to the markets, where Neal explains how Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance can, unfortunately, apply to traders.

Rob also discusses some e-mail feedback he recently received from someone who was deeply offended by a story told in Episode 158 about something Rob’s previous employees did on a business trip. Rob apologizes and expresses his unconventional belief that people shouldn’t be embarrassed about their behavior. This leads to a discussion about how we are often embarrassed over our mistakes, even if they were the result of an earnest attempt based on good intentions. Rob calls himself “the first mistake-maker,” and he talks about examining what aspect of our lives is holding us back from getting what we really want.

You don’t want to miss this one, especially the off-the-cuff shenanigans that occur after the podcast…

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