Episode 228: When You’re Trading for the Long Term

Episode 228 of The Traders Podcast begins with your host Rob Booker following up on what happened with his attempt to purchase bitcoin earlier this week. Next Rob talks about how in 2014 he has switched to trading for the bigger trends and the bigger moves. Rob is now going for much longer term trades, working from the four-hour charts.

To illustrate Rob’s philosophies on long-term trading, he tells a true story about his friend, Matt, who wanted a two-seater, Mercedes coupe (circa the year 2000) but only wanted to pay a certain price for it… This story leads into a follow-up story about how Matt’s experience influenced Rob’s actions when he found himself in a comparable situation. So, if you’ve been considering trading for the long term, Rob gives you some tips in Episode 228. Don’t miss it! Thanks for listening. Read More

Episode 169: Our Rocket Ship Stock Market, the Unemployment Rate and a Traders Podcast Box Set?

We think Episode 169 is a good time, and we think you’ll agree… First of all, our friend Keiron wrote and asked about purchasing every one of The Traders Podcast episodes in one fell swoop, so we entertain ourselves as we entertain that thought.

Rob also spends some time talking about our rocket ship stock market and the employment market. Are we in some kind of a fake recovery because the economy is not creating jobs fast enough to replace the jobs that were lost during the financial crisis? Rob discusses how the unemployment rate factors in — and how it doesn’t factor in the people who have given up and dropped out of the job market altogether. Rob notes that there are under-employed people who are making less than they used to, and how that’s throwing off the numbers, as well.

Other questions posed in this episode: Read More

Episode 34: Peak-Performance Athletics and Trading for a Living From Home

Here is the fourth installment with our crackerjack panel of Scott Welsh, Rob Wilson, Jennifer Thornburg and Rob Booker. Episode 34 features story time with Scott Welsh — professional trader and pro tennis coach — who tells us about Matt, a 17-year-old tennis prospect with tremendous potential. Our team uses this story to discuss what kind of prospects a trader would have to possess to potentially trade from home for a living; the disconnect between doing well in practice and how we perform when it actually counts; whether demo trading is a waste of time; the benefits of feeling some pressure; and how desire, form and discipline play into a trader’s success. Meanwhile, Commander Rob Wilson still lives in 1972 Newport, Rhode Island, where he still wears short shorts. You get to hear about that, too.

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