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Episode 332: Greatest Hits Trading Lessons Learned in Orlando

After returning from his live trading seminar in Orlando, Florida, your host Rob Booker reports on the lessons that he learned from attending this live seminar. Episode 332 is Rob’s collection and summary of the highlights from his presenters. He compares and contrasts each of his friends who also happen to be very successful traders. So, if you weren’t able to attend Rob’s seminar in Florida, this episode is a great review of what you missed. Thanks for listening.

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Episode 277: Weekly Options for Day Trading

In Episode 277 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker kicks off the show by talking about some recent computer woes and Matt LaCoco’s mind-blowing computer specs. Then Rob announces the limited-time availability of his much-anticipated new system:

Here is the link for Rob’sTRIFECTA 3 TRADING SYSTEM
(Trifecta 3 will only be available from today, August 4, 2014, through Friday, August 8, 2014.)

Next Rob talks about the books he’s been reading lately. And then there’s a discussion about a forthcoming trading eBook from listener and friend, Raihanaty. Next topic: A listener who’s been fairly vocal in his criticisms of Mr. Booker. Then Rob addresses a constructive criticism from a listener who complained that there’s too much non trading-related small talk on this podcast. After that Rob answers a question from Brian F. regarding weekly options for day trading. Rob briefly addresses the question of whether diversification works well for a trader. And finally, Rob and Jason conclude with the first four points of Serge’s 8 Things I’ve Learned From Rob Booker list. Thanks for listening.

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Rob’s Trifecta 3 Trading System

List of available options that you can trade on weeklies:

Jason’s book recommendation: The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer by Anthony Bruno

Jason’s wife’s Book Review Podcast

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Episode 240: Being Negative Always, Always Costs Money

In Episode 240 of The Traders Podcast, you’ll hear your host Rob Booker talking with Matt LaCoco about all the negativity that’s thrown at brand-new traders. Rob and Matt discuss why there are so many naysayers. Then they explore the positive aspects of trading that new traders can anticipate. Matt says that “being negative always, always costs money.” Rob and Matt also discuss how their friend, Shonn Campbell, now trades with the perspective of running a business as a warehouse owner. This episode is a little bit unique, because it ultimately turns into a couple of friends just wrapping about their trading. Don’t miss it, and thanks for listening.

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Episode 238: Exploring Matt LaCoco’s Concept of Allowance

In Episode 238, your host Rob Booker explores Matt LaCoco’s concept of allowance. But this conversation is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Rob would actually like to hear more from Matt on this topic.

So, tell Matt LaCoco that you’d like to hear his thoughts on allowance on Twitter here: @MattLaCoco Be sure to ask him to write an essay on his blog about allowance.

Rob also talks about ideas circling around ingratitude and being discontent with the state of what you have (or what you don’t have). Rob asks whether constant improvement is a myth, and he suggests that an over-emphasis on improvement can lead to a lot of unhappiness. We talk about the problems of interfering and getting in the way of what’s already working sufficiently. And this episode touches on the ideas of contentment, complacency, ambition and innovation. Don’t miss it! Thanks for listening.

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Episode 211: Conquering the Need to Conquer the World

In Episode 211, your favorite armchair philosopher and podcast host Rob Booker describes the unseemly text message chain that’s been created over the past 8 months through his correspondence with fellow traders Shonn Campbell and Matt LaCoco. The subject of this episode was sparked when Shonn sent a page from a book he’s reading, and Rob shares this excerpt about some naked wise men sitting in the path of Alexander the Great. This little anecdote leads to some musing about ambition. Rob tells us the truth about ambition — what it is, and what it isn’t; when it’s useful and when it’s useless. So, listen to Episode 211 and get ready to philosophize with The Traders Podcast.

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Episode 207: As Soon as I Open a Trade, I Become an Idiot

We hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. For Episode 207, your host Rob Booker spends more time exploring the subject of “process,” an approach to trading discussed in Episode 202, where goals don’t really matter; all that matters is having a process. Also in this episode, you’ll hear about how Shonn Campbell directed Rob’s attention to an article in the Wall Street Journal by Scott Adams titled Secret of Success: Failure by Scott Adams. Rob uses this article and his memory of a breakfast he had with Shonn Campbell, Matt LaCoco and Bradley Fried in April 2013, to ultimately talk about spending less time trading while making more money, struggling less — and winning more. Don’t miss it!

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Secret of Success: Failure by Scott Adams Read More

Episode 196: The Magical Potion of Probability and Why Trading Is Gambling

Returning again after their Cigar Shop debut in Episode 179, Shonn Campbell and Matt LaCoco host The Traders Podcast again to talk about the magical potion of probability and to what extent trading is, in fact, gambling. Matt and Shonn discuss how traders are just in denial about being gamblers, asserting that traders aren’t much different from professional poker players or card counters who use statistics to make their money. Shonn and Matt suggest that trading is merely card counting — with candles! They also talk about “the gut feeling” and how it’s essentially the intuition of probability.

So, in Episode 196, the Cigar Shop guys will answer the questions: Is there a way to count cards in trading? And is there a way to gamble for a living? You definitely don’t want to miss this one! Thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast.

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Episode 180: Brokers, Bankruptcy and Matt LaCoco

Episode 180 is another listener mail bag show, where your host Rob Booker begins by asking the producer, Jason Pyles, about his five other podcasts (links and descriptions can be found below). Then we dive into the mail bag:

Pablo writes to ask about brokers and bankruptcy. Nate thinks Matt LaCoco, Shonn Campbell and a number of other Rob Booker cohorts should have their own podcasts! James wrote in to request more Matt LaCoco, which leads into a discussion of sports drink flavors, which leads into a discussion about Fly Boarding. Peter writes to ask how to listen to The Traders Podcast on his iPhone. James sent in a comment about Jesse Livermore. Daljit had a question for Rob about his own personal trading. And Alan asks about “Booker reversal tabs.” All of this — and so much more trading-related commentary — in Episode 180 of The Traders Podcast.

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Matt LaCoco’s blog

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John Verbrugge’s Trader Tech Talk Podcast

Jason says watch: Fly Boarding

Jason’s Other Podcasting Ventures:

Movie Stream Cast — a 15-minute, weekly podcast where Jason and a friend review one movie that’s currently streaming on Netflix Watch Instantly

The Donut Show — a weekly podcast where Jason and two very different co-hosts talk about pop culture and, of course, donuts… Read More

Episode 179: A Conversation From The Cigar Shop With Matt LaCoco and Shonn Campbell

In Episode 179, we bring you a little treat that’s a change of pace… Your host Rob Booker loves to hear what our fellow trading friends are thinking about — especially when those friends are Matt LaCoco and Shonn Campbell. Naturally, Rob sent them a digital audio recorder to capture their conversations about trading. … Naturally.

So, what you’re about to hear is a 20-minute excerpt of what was originally a 70-minute conversation between Shonn and Matt as they hang out at The Cigar Shop. This episode is a lot of fun, but it takes a little bit of concentration to listen to because there’s a great deal of ambient noise in the background, including a fountain and other people’s voices. But we sometimes like to capture the raw conversations that traders have “out in the field.”

Matt and Shonn discuss a number of topics, including the pitfalls of Read More