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Episode 256: Sometimes It’s Just the Person With the Bigger Hemi

Welcome to Episode 256 of The Traders Podcast. This show begins with Rob discussing how the bank Credit Suisse pled guilty to “criminal wrong-doing” in a felony case. This leads Rob to a rant where he asks why everything is broken in the U.S. government, and yet it’s still hungry for more.

Then we open the Mailbag again! The first few comments come from Ryan, Simon, Sean from Atlanta and Daljit in response to Jason’s question about gratitude versus ingratitude, satisfied versus dissatisfied. And then we move into some spicier comments from the likes of the infamous Brian F., as well as from our friend, James. It’s a rip-roarin’ good time. Thanks for writing to us, and thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast.

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Episode 165: What Type of Trader Am I?

In Episode 165, your host Rob Booker is joined by Jared Johnson (the founder and lead trader at Day Traders, to help answer some listener e-mail questions. The first question is an e-mail from David, who’s having a problem with a chat room moderator who won’t stop asking him to share information about his trades! This is a very interesting question, and Rob and Jared rise to the occasion with some great solutions for David. The second question is an e-mail from Robert who asks, “What type of trader am I?,” which leads to a great discussion about identifying where one fits in the markets (and if that even matters at all)… Here again, Rob and Jared deliver for Robert, in an episode that we consider to be “classic Traders Podcast” material. Thanks for listening, and feel free to e-mail us with your questions!

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