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Episode 212: The Market Doesn’t Give an F— About You

In Episode 212 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker and his producer, Jason Pyles, dip into the mailbag, so to speak, and address some comments left on the Web site. First they talk about a comment from Tracey, which leads Rob and Jason to talk about whether they should be angrier on the podcast. They also discuss “The Walking Dead,” which leads to a conversation about our patience and tolerance for letting a trade go sideways.

Next we read a question from Ryan about Rob’s forthcoming book(s), so Rob describes “Man vs. Market” and a second book that may tentatively be titled “The Market Doesn’t Give an F— About You.” Rob also answers a comment from Bernie about containing losses, and Felix asks about Rob’s Wallaby indicator. Rob and Jason also answer the question: How long will The Traders Podcast last? How many episodes will it release? Listen to Episode 212 to find out! Thanks for your comments.

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Episode 180: Brokers, Bankruptcy and Matt LaCoco

Episode 180 is another listener mail bag show, where your host Rob Booker begins by asking the producer, Jason Pyles, about his five other podcasts (links and descriptions can be found below). Then we dive into the mail bag:

Pablo writes to ask about brokers and bankruptcy. Nate thinks Matt LaCoco, Shonn Campbell and a number of other Rob Booker cohorts should have their own podcasts! James wrote in to request more Matt LaCoco, which leads into a discussion of sports drink flavors, which leads into a discussion about Fly Boarding. Peter writes to ask how to listen to The Traders Podcast on his iPhone. James sent in a comment about Jesse Livermore. Daljit had a question for Rob about his own personal trading. And Alan asks about “Booker reversal tabs.” All of this — and so much more trading-related commentary — in Episode 180 of The Traders Podcast.

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John Verbrugge’s Trader Tech Talk Podcast

Jason says watch: Fly Boarding

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Episode 120: When You Realize the Market Does Not Love You

It’s time for another mail bag episode of The Traders Podcast! And the first e-mail we read levels some accusations toward an alleged, not-very-environmentally-conscious Rob Booker… We also read an e-mail inquiring about Facebook in 2013, which triggers Rob to give some updates on Google and Apple.

Chuck asks about a previous episode on back-testing. Another listener asks about the episode where Hubert Senters says, “I’ve got rules in place so that I protect myself from myself.” Our friend CJ writes about how he loves trading, but the market doesn’t love him back. Does the market hate you? Rob expounds on this phenomenon, as well as a number of other random questions, such as: Does one have to be cheating in order to be profitable as a hedge fund? Or is there a massive conspiracy where the pharmaceutical industry is pushing Ritalin on six-year-olds? All this and more during this episode of The Traders Podcast!

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Episode 91: Trend-Following Versus Trend-Trading

It’s time for another mail bag episode! Your host Rob Booker dips into the feedback that we’ve received, and he answers you — the listeners — directly, addressing your comments and questions. We are sincerely grateful to receive any e-mails or comments from you, and we’re thankful that you listen to The Traders Podcast.

During Episode 91, Rob answers Pablo from Farmington, Connecticut, who asks Rob to describe the mental state of an ultra-professional trader. Next Rob responds to comments from John, who attended Rob’s session on the bossilator trading system at the Chicago Money Show. John also asked about leaving reviews for this podcast in iTunes. April responds with some feedback to Episode 86, where Rob talked about finishing what you start.

Justin from London, UK, writes an ambitious question about trading systems that Rob is going to dedicate Episode 92 to answering. Next Rob answers a question from Ivan about the difference between trend-following and trend-trading. Rob takes a question from David, pertaining to Episode 47.

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