Ep 653: Let Me Tell You Something

Rob loves hearing from you, traders! He loves answering your questions. Today’s episode of The Traders Podcast is all about how Rob will be doing even more this year to help traders succeed.

Most of what Rob Booker offers will always be free. Rob’s YouTube Channel has great free content for traders who want to learn.

Want to meet Rob this year? You can! He’ll be traveling around to meet you. He’s planning some quick events in Houston, NYC, Phoenix, Mexico City, Madrid, London, Toronto and Sydney, so we’ll keep you posted!

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Ep 618: Adventures of a Trading Desk Manager

Welcome to Episode 618 of The Traders Podcast! In this show, your host Rob Booker speaks with special guest Mark Langley, a former trading desk manager who shares some valuable insights from his years of experience! Mark and Rob talk about how the industry has changed, and they examine the present-day landscape.

In this show we also talk about the way corporate entities behave as if they’re individual traders. And of course, we revisit our recurring theme of this podcast and discuss the heart of self-sabotage in trading. Rob and Mark also discuss ways to turn your space at home into your very own trading desk! Mark also talks about the importance of sticking with your own plan and assessing the details in front of you, rather than being swayed by the opinions of others. Join us to hear more!

For those who are interested in learning more about the cryptocurrency market, you can get Rob’s free book at

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