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Episode 289: What Type of Companies Make the Best Long-Term Investments?

In Episode 289 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker begins with an update on long-term investments by discussing Amazon’s war with the publisher Hachette. Rob talks about the bright future for companies that support the rights of individuals to conduct commerce with the public at large. Next Jason the producer asks a question about hedging (trades, not bushes). Then we move in to some listener feedback comments and questions from Calvin, Jerry, Reggie, Jonathan, Don and Allan. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 274: The Irresponsible Podcaster and the Euronaut


For Episode 274 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles bring you another mailbag episode, where we delve into the listener feedback. But first Rob talks about the new apps (for iPhone, for Android) that are available for The Traders Podcast.

Next we read e-mails from Jonathan, as well as Ryan, a software engineer in California who’s begun to write his own Expert Advisors (EA’s). Then Jason recommends a unique zombie-type of movie called “Pontypool” (2008). Then we got a request from FX Outlier and Mark regarding guest appearances on The Traders Podcast. Next we read part of an e-mail from Dave. We also got comments from Chris and Glenn, and it’s an overall, rip-roarin’ great time. Join us! Thanks for listening.

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Episode 256: Sometimes It’s Just the Person With the Bigger Hemi

Welcome to Episode 256 of The Traders Podcast. This show begins with Rob discussing how the bank Credit Suisse pled guilty to “criminal wrong-doing” in a felony case. This leads Rob to a rant where he asks why everything is broken in the U.S. government, and yet it’s still hungry for more.

Then we open the Mailbag again! The first few comments come from Ryan, Simon, Sean from Atlanta and Daljit in response to Jason’s question about gratitude versus ingratitude, satisfied versus dissatisfied. And then we move into some spicier comments from the likes of the infamous Brian F., as well as from our friend, James. It’s a rip-roarin’ good time. Thanks for writing to us, and thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast.

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Episode 180: Brokers, Bankruptcy and Matt LaCoco

Episode 180 is another listener mail bag show, where your host Rob Booker begins by asking the producer, Jason Pyles, about his five other podcasts (links and descriptions can be found below). Then we dive into the mail bag:

Pablo writes to ask about brokers and bankruptcy. Nate thinks Matt LaCoco, Shonn Campbell and a number of other Rob Booker cohorts should have their own podcasts! James wrote in to request more Matt LaCoco, which leads into a discussion of sports drink flavors, which leads into a discussion about Fly Boarding. Peter writes to ask how to listen to The Traders Podcast on his iPhone. James sent in a comment about Jesse Livermore. Daljit had a question for Rob about his own personal trading. And Alan asks about “Booker reversal tabs.” All of this — and so much more trading-related commentary — in Episode 180 of The Traders Podcast.

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Matt LaCoco’s blog

Follow Matt on Twitter: @MattLaCoco

John Verbrugge’s Trader Tech Talk Podcast

Jason says watch: Fly Boarding

Jason’s Other Podcasting Ventures:

Movie Stream Cast — a 15-minute, weekly podcast where Jason and a friend review one movie that’s currently streaming on Netflix Watch Instantly

The Donut Show — a weekly podcast where Jason and two very different co-hosts talk about pop culture and, of course, donuts… Read More

Episode 165: What Type of Trader Am I?

In Episode 165, your host Rob Booker is joined by Jared Johnson (the founder and lead trader at Day Traders, to help answer some listener e-mail questions. The first question is an e-mail from David, who’s having a problem with a chat room moderator who won’t stop asking him to share information about his trades! This is a very interesting question, and Rob and Jared rise to the occasion with some great solutions for David. The second question is an e-mail from Robert who asks, “What type of trader am I?,” which leads to a great discussion about identifying where one fits in the markets (and if that even matters at all)… Here again, Rob and Jared deliver for Robert, in an episode that we consider to be “classic Traders Podcast” material. Thanks for listening, and feel free to e-mail us with your questions!

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Jared’s Web site: Day Traders

Jared on Twitter: @DayTradersFX Read More

Episode 93: How to Evaluate a Trading System

As promised in Episode 91, your host Rob Booker returns to a great question submitted by a listener from London, UK, named Justin — whom Rob has designated as “Podcast Listener of the Week.” Congrats, Justin! In this first of two episodes, Rob focuses on a portion of Justin’s question pertaining to how to evaluate a trading system.

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Episode 91: Trend-Following Versus Trend-Trading

It’s time for another mail bag episode! Your host Rob Booker dips into the feedback that we’ve received, and he answers you — the listeners — directly, addressing your comments and questions. We are sincerely grateful to receive any e-mails or comments from you, and we’re thankful that you listen to The Traders Podcast.

During Episode 91, Rob answers Pablo from Farmington, Connecticut, who asks Rob to describe the mental state of an ultra-professional trader. Next Rob responds to comments from John, who attended Rob’s session on the bossilator trading system at the Chicago Money Show. John also asked about leaving reviews for this podcast in iTunes. April responds with some feedback to Episode 86, where Rob talked about finishing what you start.

Justin from London, UK, writes an ambitious question about trading systems that Rob is going to dedicate Episode 92 to answering. Next Rob answers a question from Ivan about the difference between trend-following and trend-trading. Rob takes a question from David, pertaining to Episode 47.

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Episode 86: Because the Finish Line Is More Difficult Than the Starting Line

In this very candid episode, Rob Booker dedicates the entire show to answering a question from a listener named Jeff, who asked Rob whether he should quit his pursuit of a Computer Science degree — while only a year and a half away from finishing — in order to pursue trading full-time. For those who are familiar with The Traders Podcast, Rob’s answer will probably surprise you. If we ever recorded a must-listen episode, it’s this one…

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