Episode 50: Risk, Leverage, Trading and Seinfeld

Halfway to 100, Rob Booker ushers in Episode 50 by talking to Neal Gilbert, the educational specialist at GFT Markets and FX360. Rob asks Neal about his connections where various scenarios from the TV sitcom, “Seinfeld,” have some metaphorical parallels with currency trading. (See the links for these articles below.)

Rob and Neal also discuss risk management, leverage, DealBook 360 and how Neal copes with disappointment while trading. Neal even talks about his unconventional strategy of trading in advance of an economic release. You don’t want to miss this first part of two great episodes with Neal Gilbert.

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Below are the links to Neal Gilbert’s five-part series of articles titled, “Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Trading, I Learned From Watching Seinfeld.”

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Episode 7: Leverage Unleashed

Is leverage the enemy of the retail trader? Veteran analyst Greg Michalowski talks shop with Rob about the dangers of retail investing, what traders can do to reduce that danger, and he shares his perspective on where the opportunities are.

Greg wrote a fantastic book on currency trends. You can get it here: