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Episode 285: Reduce Your Trade Size and Calm Down

Returning to a more typical and positive vibe, Episode 285 of The Traders Podcast features your host Rob Booker and Jason the producer talking about some of their favorite quotations. Rob relates these quotes to trading, naturally. Rob asserts that people generally do what they want to do, regardless of their reasons given.

Rob reads a quote from a forthcoming trading book by Shonn Campbell called FX Inventory, which encourages traders to be free from the burden of false precision. He cites another portion of the book that suggests that trading is about playing offense and defense at the same time. Rob also asserts that your ability to make money is directly proportional to your ability to calm the hell down. Rob says that dramatic people make the worst traders. And we conclude this episode with a voicemail from actor Morgan Freeman, who tries his hand at reciting The Traders Podcast intro! Thanks for listening.

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