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Episode 182: What Happens in Automated Trading — Stays in Automated Trading

Your host Rob Booker wasn’t able to record Episode 182, so Jason the producer gets to chat with “The Coach” — Scott Welsh, co-creator of the Bossilator course and a peak-performance instructor who resides in Columbus, Ohio. Scott and Jason begin by talking about Sin City — Las Vegas, Nevada — and why they’re so fond of it. This leads to a conversation about trading conferences in Vegas. And then Scott and Jason get around to the matter at hand: automated trading.

Jason asks Scott how he can make a living from a strategy that only produces 12 to 13 traders per year. Scott also talks about the challenge of resisting the temptation to interfere with your automated system, which leads to a discussion about discipline and trading psychology. Jason asks Scott who can benefit from automated trading, and they talk about finding an automated trading system (and a programmer) that’s right for you. Listen and subscribe!

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Scott on Twitter: @SWelsh66

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Episode 99: The Beach, Backtesting and Breakfast

For Episode 99, your host, Rob Booker, caught up with his old friend, Tim, at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas. This recording is of a very honest conversation they had over breakfast. Rob discusses Tim’s journey with him — including Tim’s ups and downs — and how he became a successful trader. What results from their chat is the tale of a trader who backtested, thought of trading like training for an athletic competition, and surmounted the odds, obstacles and challenges that stood in his way. Get ready for an inspiring episode.

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