Ep 595: Four Steps to Currency Trading – Step 2: Don’t Lose Money

Some of the most valuable advice is often the simplest. Occam’s razor, right? The best choice also happens to be the simplest.

Much like the Old Testament story of Naaman, the Syrian, who sought to be healed of leprosy through the prophet Elisha. When Elisha instructed Naaman to wash in the Jordan River seven times to be healed, Naaman initially refused. Naaman’s servant asked, “If the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest though not have done it?” Then Naaman humbled himself, washed seven times and was healed. (2 Kings 5)

Traders are often very similar to Naaman in this story, afflicted by the leprosy of loss. When they are given plain counsel such as, “Don’t lose money,” they think it’s too straight-forward, too obvious, and they dismiss it. What percentage of traders who have been listening to this series of episodes has been following every step Rob Booker has prescribed thus far? Join us in Episode 595 of The Traders Podcast to hear Step 2 of Rob’s Four Steps to Currency Trading: Don’t Lose Money!

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